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Wincanton Spring Fling 2011 Review by Leïa Tortoise

Then we returned to the back room where we chatted a bit while waiting for dinner, especially with Adele Kirby (no relation) the amazing warrior, who showed us her novel, A Sinless Sword.

The band Lavington Bound set up discreetly, and we remembered that it would be good if we could have a little chat with them.
If we hadn't been eating at this time, I would almost have tried to go and strike up a conversation while they were sitting in the cool outside, on the condition that it wouldn't disturb them, of course... Well, I say that but I was actually a bit in my daily "knackered and English-saturated" period, so well ^^

I just loved the concert that followed, all the more since the quality of sound was very good (according to the regular people they had a better set up than at the last Hogswatch, reading about which had made me a bit afraid).
We of course heard all directly Discworld-themed songs, and "Ankh-Mopork" to the music of "Amsterdam" by J. Brel, but also other songs from their first album, and, how can I say, I was really on cloud nine.
I took videos but it turns out that they all have awful sound, they are absolutely unusable, it's a shame.

Then, going back down, we stopped at the Dolphin where some craftsmen had set their stalls, including Worbleook who was in charge of the Pat Harkin (number one Discworld fan) Appreciation Society items. I bought a badge to add to my hat ^^

Then we went on down High Street, scanning each window to look for Feegles, and we felt a bit less lonely as costumed loonies..

I'm back from my first Discworld Event attending, the Spring Fling in Wincanton, city of the Cunning Artificer's Emporium, officially twinned with a virtual town and where some new streets have Ankh-Morpork streets names.


When I joined the Discworld Emporium's forum to look further in this Discworld Event, the regular people attending had welcomed me as if I were already a full member of their big family, though they didn't knew anything about me.

After this wide weekend, I can confirm and I, too, can assure that all these jolly fans are really very welcoming and helpful, and that the mood in Wincanton is very very friendly and enthusiast.

It hasn't be easy for me to understand others and make myself understood in english (especially with the noisy background in the inns), but it has gone very well, as everyone predicted it to me.

I had a very good time, and I came back with a head full of memories, and the feeling of having recharged my batteries (in every meaning of the word) and plenty of stuff to share...

All I want is to go back!

Till then, here is my review: